A Lesson in Everything

A lesson in everything

This week, as I was driving home from an appointment, I got a hankering for a salad and a slice of vegetable pizza. I pulled into this small restaurant and walked in to a fairly empty dining area. I sat in a booth totally away from the only other couple in the place. I loved that it wasn't lunch hour, as I wanted to do a little reading while enjoying the quiet. In walks an older couple, who proceeds to sit right behind me. Now, this may sound a little (or a lot) judgmental…but with twenty other booths and tables empty, why in the world did they need to sit in the one right behind me? Those were the thoughts and feelings swirling around in my mind and through my body. Yes, I was aware that my muscles were tensing up, my breathing became non-existent, and I was truly irritated. Did they … [Read more...]

What Goes Around Comes Around

what goes around comes around

We have all heard this warning: What goes around comes around. I say it is a warning, because it is usually used to scare people into doing what is right. People say it with an "I told you so" tone in their voice and look on their face…You know that look! Have you been told this? Have you experienced the aftermath of not heeding this warning? Have you thought about this before your actions and therefore had a happy ending? I can tell you that I have done both. I have seen the fallout of not taking this seriously. I have also been on the positive side of this. I really learned this lesson well when I was 22 years old. I was a single mom, going to college to get my degree and teaching credential. I was not prepared for one of my final exams, so I called the professor and told him I … [Read more...]

Don’t Agree With Me


With writing a weekly blog and having a radio segment, both about shifting your mindset and being a better you, there are many topics that can be controversial. I have found that for the most part, people who leave comments agree with what I have written or said. This has always made me feel great, because it confirms that I am on the right track and that people are really growing and getting the most out of my messages. On a few occasions, I have received some comments in which people are not agreeing with me. They are stating a different view about the same topic. They are voicing their opinion even though it contradicts mine. My initial response has been to be offended. But then, as I began to really digest the words, I realized that it is healthy for people to have different … [Read more...]

Got to or Get to?

get to

The other day I was walking to my car with a fellow teacher/mom friend after a day of teaching. She asked me what I was going to do the rest of the afternoon. I replied, "I have got to buy some groceries, then I have got to pick up Erin from Cross Country, then I have got to pick up Ryan from Student Council at the high school and take her to the orthodontist. Then I have got to go home, make dinner, help the girls with their homework, have them shower, and then I have got to put everyone to bed." Does this sound like a typical afternoon to you? When the kids get out of school for the day, it is rush, rush, rush! I hear a lot of parents talk just as I did above. I can feel the stress and sometimes the loathing in their voices. Do all your family tasks and obligations feel like a chore … [Read more...]

Are Your Expectations Getting in the Way?


I am a stickler for schedules: I have bedtimes for my kids. We eat at roughly the same time every night. We have a pretty tight after school schedule with homework, chores, dinner, showers, etc. Mornings flow just as nicely with beds being made, teeth being brushed, breakfast eaten, backpacks stuffed…and out the door. I believe that children thrive with healthy boundaries and I try to keep our family life right on schedule. As our second oldest daughter entered high school this year, and our youngest two daughters have more activities and homework...we naturally have more schedules to juggle. So, being the Mom and calendar keeper, I am busier than ever trying to make our lives flow without too many hiccoughs. Here is where the "Expectations" part enters the scene. You see, when … [Read more...]

Conflict and Communication


Conflict happens all around us and to the best of us. It comes in many forms and it cannot be avoided at times. Sometimes, the conflict is with other people, and often times it is really just with yourself...because it is all in your mind. I have found myself in some different forms of conflict lately, and it sure has been an eye-opener to many great lessons. I have been involved in three different conflicts; two of them were things I needed to clear up with other people. And one was a conflict inside my own head!  Have you ever been in several unrelated conflicts? Sometimes the conflict is just a huge misunderstanding, and with that, good old fashioned communication will put everything back in order. If you are able to find the lesson and repair the relationship then the conflict … [Read more...]

Leave Your Defense On the Field


Have you noticed that the more comfortable, confident, and sure of yourself you are about something, the more it doesn't matter what others do, think, or say? What I mean, is that when you are ok with your opinions, beliefs, desires, etc…the less you have to convince others that your point of view is correct. "Live and Let Live" comes to mind. When we are ok, I mean really ok, with how we live, what we think, what we believe, etc…The more we feel it is ok for others to do the same for themselves. I have been in a place before, where I felt I had to defend my opinions, my beliefs, and my views on something. I felt I had to convince other people that I was right in order to really feel like I was right. The fact that I had to defend it or try to make others see my side of things, made me … [Read more...]

Look For Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Learn and Grow

This past week, I found myself in a number of different situations which allowed me to interact with many types of people. I had the privilege of talking with people of different ages, mental states, affluence, education, and social stature. All in the same week, I had the opportunity to substitute teach in a young class of special needs children, I was able to help prepare and serve lunch to over 150 homeless people, and I was lucky enough to socialize with my awesome "Small Group" of friends from church. Talk about all points on the spectrum! As I am a teacher and a positive influence to others, I very often play the "teacher" and "counselor" roles. That is what I do and that is what I love! It makes me happy to no end to see the proverbial light bulb come on. It warms my heart to … [Read more...]

All’s Well That Ends Well


A few weeks ago my husband and I went on an eight day vacation to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary and his 50th birthday. I made all the reservations at an awesome resort in Hautulco, Mexico five months prior to our trip. I reserved the best room; with a king sized bed, a private swim out pool, and a membership to the Preferred Club...where you get extra special perks. Upon arrival and check in we were told that the hotel overbooked and that our reserved room would not be available until the following day. In turn, we would have to sleep in a less appealing room with two double beds, in a less desirable location, with no private swim out pool. The bed and room situation was bad in and of itself, but the notion of unpacking and repacking and moving rooms was such a hassle and … [Read more...]

Is It True For Me Now?


When we were small children, we were taught everything from the main role models in our life. It's not until our cognitive thought processes mature and develop that we can start to really think for ourselves. We are told a lot of things that are very helpful in keeping us safe and growing strong like, "Eat your vegetables." And "Look both ways before crossing the street." We are also told many things that we grow out of: "Don't talk to strangers." "Don't trust that person because of such-and-such." We outgrow these "rules", hopefully, because those were meant to help us when we didn't have the thinking capacity to make our own good choices. When we are grown up, we are perfectly capable of making those rules tailored to our needs and lifestyle. We were also told things as children … [Read more...]