Life is Gradual

Life is gradual

How does it happen? One day we wake up and life has snuck up on us. We are no longer a child, no longer a carefree twenty-something...we are all of a sudden in our forties...YIKES! I know a lot of people can get blindsided by extra weight gain, or by being unhappy with themselves in one way or another. They wake up one morning and ask themselves, "How did I get here?" It appears that life is going along as usual and one day your life isn't what you thought it would be. Have you been in that position? Well, most things in life sneak up on us in a gradual way. We don't all of a sudden gain fifty pounds, thank God! We don't spontaneously have four teenagers in the house, double thank God for that! We don't become an alcoholic overnight and we don't advance to the top in one day. Life … [Read more...]