Give it Your All


While growing up, my Dad would often remind me and my siblings not to do things "Half-Assed". Some of you may have heard this put in a more politically correct way: "A job worth doing is a job worth doing well!" Some of you never heard either of these phrases growing up, so I will help you understand. My Dad said these phrases often, and it pertained to anything we were doing: Homework, housework, organizing, showering, or playing a sport…you name it; if we could do it…we were expected to give it our all! I'm not too sure that during my childhood I much embraced the notion, because as a child I wanted to just get through the task at hand as quickly and painlessly as possible. I am so thankful now that my Dad taught me to do things thoroughly. When I do any task, I give it my all, and … [Read more...]

Word Power


I belong to a fabulous Mom’s group! I am also one of eleven on the Leadership Committee for that group. The eleven of us have been trying to live intentionally with "JOY" as our focus this year. That tiny 3-letter word, JOY, has so much power! Our goal is to find joy in the normal, the everyday, the frustrating, the sad, the unbelievable…it is a challenge that we all have taken very seriously. There has been some stumbling, some failure, but also a lot of success with this exercise.   Although we are still intentionally finding joy in each minute, each day…a few weeks ago another challenge was presented to our group. We were to each pick a word that was unique to us individually. This word was to have special … [Read more...]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


As early as I can remember, I have had the attitude of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" (Small Stuff is Daily Stuff...not Tragic, BIG, Stuff!). When I became an adult, I read this book (below)...and it enlightened me and confirmed that I was on the right track of living stress-free! Do yourself a HUGE favor, click on this it, read it, and let it sink in! You will not be sorry! **For all of you non-readers whose heart rate just jumped up a assured...The book measures a mere 5.5" x 6.5" and each chapter is only 1.5 tiny pages long.  You could read one chapter each day in the time it takes you to go potty! (That's assuming you go Big Potty every day...but that's another blog topic for another day!) Here is a story about a specific event that took place in my … [Read more...]

Take this word out of your vocabulary!!


"Should" - This is one of the most damaging words in our language! Every time we use the word "should", we are, in effect, saying "wrong". Usually when you think about the things you think you "should" have done or "should" do - you are only trying to please other people. Sometimes you use this word as a result of living up to your (or someone else's) unrealistic expectations. This usually occurs because you are afraid or feel you are not good enough. Don't live up to someone else's standards - what do you want?!? Set your goals and expectations at a reasonable and attainable height. Listen to the words you speak and to your self talk. Be conscious of how many times and in what circumstances you say or think the word "should". When you notice a "should" replace it with "If I really … [Read more...]

You Are What You Think…Rewrite Your Story!

Creative Writing

What story do you repeat over and over in your mind?  Is it positive and healthy or does it sound more like this: I'm not a good singer, my childhood was abusive, I can't do anything right, I wish I would have married someone else, my parents were mean, I'm lazy, I can't cook, I'm fat, etc., etc., etc... Well, I have good news for you! If you begin to retell/rewrite your story in a more favorable and positive way...things will change!  Your past won't change, but your present will!  Tell yourself a new and improved story of your life.  Re-write your story!  Tell yourself you feel alive when you sing, your childhood taught you to be strong and have great character, you get things right, you married the man/woman of your dreams (focus on all the wonderful things about your … [Read more...]

Why do some people irritate you?


I think it is interesting how some people can just rub you the wrong way. I find this fascinating because that same person in question can be admired, loved , and respected by many other people.  Are you crazy?  Don't they all see what you see?  The real question is:  Why do some people irritate you while they don't bother other people?  Well, it is a psychological fact that when people have mannerisms, speech patterns, display certain habits, or do things that annoy you...more than likely you process these same traits.  So, does that mean that you don't like yourself? Well, yes and no.  This means you must do some self reflection and evaluation. Here is an example (This is only an could be anything that bothers you about another person.): If Barbara is chomping her food … [Read more...]