Radio Show: “Follow Your Passion!”


When we were children, we were passionate about so many things. Most people I know have forgotten what their passions are. They walk through life half asleep, just going through the motions. Let's find our passion and truly begin to live again! Join me so you can begin to "Follow Your Passion"!  My segment begins at minute 2:41 -Deanna Popular Lifestyle Internet Radio with TNTBS on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

Follow Your Passion


As I talk with people, I realize that most children have a passion and most adults have forgotten what theirs is. I have concluded that most adults were once filled with passion for something, but after getting married, having kids, etc…their passion has fallen to the wayside. Some adults are not married and/or don't have children, but they are married to their work…and their personal passion has become nonexistent. Why is this? Why do we veer away from the things that bring us the most joy? It's sad to see so many people working so hard to make ends meet, while doing something they don't even enjoy. It hit me one night about five years ago: My husband and kids were out for the night and I had a rare several hours alone. I didn't know what to do with myself. Yes, I could do … [Read more...]