Treat Your Family Like Strangers!


We are trained and taught from an early age to be polite and kind. We learn it at home, in school, and in church. By the time we are an adult, we hopefully have the skills to be polite and kind to people we encounter throughout our day to day lives. Most of the people I run into exercise these examples of "Common Courtesy": They smile, say "Hello", "Thank You", "You're welcome", etc. They hold doors open, let ladies enter first, and so on. We give compliments and smiles freely and naturally. Yes, we all run into the rare person who is having a bad day and who may be in a grump. We usually tolerate those people, and if we are in a compassionate mood, we may even be extra kind and polite in hopes of making their day better as a result of them crossing our path. I have made an observation … [Read more...]