Clear the Clutter


I posted something on my Facebook Fan Page last week that said, "When your work space is cluttered, then your mind is cluttered...take a few minutes to organize your work space so your CREATIVITY can flow!" After posting that, I kept having people tell me how unorganized they are and how they just can't get ahead of all the piles and the clutter! So, I thought about it, and I concluded that it isn't just enough to clean the clutter off of our desks, but we need to de-clutter our lives! I watched an inspirational video about this very topic, and in order to have clear intentions and clear creativity, your home must not be cluttered. Think about it, if your living space is not organized, how can you be organized? The man on the video said we must begin with our closet. Your closet … [Read more...]

The Heaviest Thing You Can Carry…


The heaviest thing you can carry is a...Grudge!  We all have one or two or more of them...someone who has done us wrong, has made us look bad, or has cheated us in some way. Think back in your life, I'm sure a few come to mind pretty quickly.  When you think of these people and situations, does your blood boil? Does your heart rate pick up? Does your breathing become more rapid? If you don't feel anything but a sense of calm...congratulations, you have forgiven and have moved on!  If you do feel some of these negative emotions...then you are carrying a grudge!  Sometimes that person can even be ourselves,  a relative, or God. Why do we hold onto grudges?  It certainly doesn't make us feel good.  In fact, it is a huge, heavy stress ball that we lug around day after day.  It weighs us … [Read more...]

How to Love Your Enemies


How do you love someone who has done you wrong, made life hard for you, or cheated you in some way?  This is a very difficult thing to do, especially because it involves your ego and emotions.  When we are in the "Emotional Bubble" of a situation, it is hard to step outside and take a look in.  If we put into practice a few steps, it allows us to shift our attitude and perspective and see the situation and person differently: Purge: It's healthy to initially feel the angry, sad, or hurt emotions, but once you have felt, expressed, and accepted them, it is time to move on. Repressing your feelings is just as harmful as holding onto let it out in a healthy way (writing about the situation, exercising, crying, and even yelling when you are alone). Learn: Once you have purged, … [Read more...]