Lose the Fear

lose the fear

Fear is quite an interesting thing. It is different for everyone and comes in all shapes and sizes. Some fear lasts a lifetime, and other fear seems to mysteriously appear out of nowhere. Fear can cover a huge spectrum; from fear of getting a splinter to fear of dying. What is fear exactly and how do we overcome it? Since fear is a personal thing, and not everyone has the same fear, how does it become ours? How can one person be afraid of heights and not be afraid of spiders? I have met people who honestly are not afraid of anything. Doesn't this make you want to learn more about fear? The notion of fear piques my interest as well. Fear is a psychosomatic response, meaning it is purely emotional and mental. This implies that it is different for everyone, depending on the individual's … [Read more...]

Why Worry?

Why Worry Lane

Oh my!...We are a bunch of "Worry-Warts" (remember that term?)  We worry about the weather, what we are going to wear, what we look like, about our jobs, our children, what others think of us, about school, our grand kids, our marriage, our bills, our friends or lack of friends, etc.  We worry about everything under the sun; we even worry about the sun! This seems to be a continual, non exhaustive habit. It saddens me to hear people fret and to see stress on their faces and in their eyes, because worrying does absolutely no good.  I liken it to guilt...they are both unnecessary emotions (that is, if we let them make a permanent home in our mind and heart). The purpose of guilt and worry is to trigger a warning in your brain, to let you know you are … [Read more...]